5 Natural Solutions for Immediate Period Pain Relief

A FREE webinar to help women with debilitating period cramps avoid pain meds


You don’t have to stick with the status quo.  


If you’re…

  • Canceling plans or calling in sick to work due to period cramps
  • Fearing “that time of the month” because of the pain
  • Concerned about side effects from long-term medication usage
  • Sick of feeling awful for days each month
  • Hopeful that there’s a solution to the period pain you face


You’re in the right place. 

In this free webinar, I’ll be sharing immediate pain relief strategies for even the worst cramps.

You'll learn:

★The true cause of period cramps that your doctor never shared with you

★Why supplements aren’t the solution to your period pain

★A mindset shift that will revolutionize how you view and experience period cramps

★The one ingredient I recommend having in your kitchen for cramp relief

And, I'm not just going to be talking at you. Together, we’ll practice:

★The movement exercise I recommend for cramps that radiate into the low back

★Guided breathing practices to help you navigate through the pain

★Two restorative Yoga poses that are restful andhelp reduce the root causes of pain


I’m not joking when I say that you won’t find these strategies anywhere else. 

I cultivated these solutions over the course of 10+ years of formal studies, research, and self-experimentation. What I’m sharing with you comes out of my unique experience as a Nutrition PhD and Āyurvedic Health Counselor, as well as my training as a Yoga instructor and birth doula. 


I feel deeply called to share this information with you, because I spent so many days and years in pain, fear, and confusion about what was happening in my body. I’m so glad those pain-filled days are behind me, and I want them to be long gone for you, too.

Another possibility exists: one where your period isn’t a painful “curse”, and you get to enjoy life all month long.


The first step to making that your reality is right here.


Choose the time that best fits your schedule. A recording will be available for 72 hours if you can't join live, but if you are there live, you'll receive a PDF checklist of the strategies, so you have them on hand when you need them the most. 

Monday, November 27th, 7-8pm ET
Wednesday, November 29th, 1-2pm ET

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Christina K.

"Sam is more than just good at what she does. She’s passionate, caring, and her positive energy is extremely contagious. I always feel inspired and rejuvenated after meeting."

 Kat P.

“I LOVE Sam! She is truly a holistic practitioner, and then collaborates with you to implement meaningful changes. She is thoughtful, genuine, and truly passionate about what she does.”

Anjali S.

“Working with Sam has been life-changing.”

Meet your guide, Sam:


I’m an Āyurvedic Health Counselor, Nutrition PhD, and Yoga Instructor with over 2,500 hours of teaching experience. I’m also a woman who:

★experienced debilitating periods month after month

★bounced around to different doctors’ offices

★tried medications to fix the problems

★and, eventually found my way to a healthy, symptom-free period with the teaching of Āyurveda.

I’ve seen the power of these practices in my life and in the lives of hundreds of students and clients, and I am honored to share this wisdom with you.


Why I’m hosting this program:

I believe in a world where women’s bodies, experiences, and gifts are valued and honored. 

I believe in a world where menstruation is a gift, not a curse.

I believe in a world where women step into their feminine power and make choices out of love, not fear.


What I'm sharing is so revolutionary, it's not for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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